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Russia must not be provoked by NATO enlargement, said the German Minister of Foreign Affairs
The North Atlantic Treaty organization (NATO) has no reason to provoke Russia so strongly by invitating Ukraine and Georgia to join NATO, despite Moscow’s opposition, said the German Minister of Foreign Affairs
Frank-Walter Steinmeier, in an interview granted to Leipziger Volkszeitung.
“This year there is no desperate need of more sour relations with Russia", relations which are already strained because of the recognition of Kosovo’s unilateral independence, he warned.
The German Minister of Foreign Affairs rejected the accusations which say that I might be playing Russia’s game regarding the admission of Georgia and Ukraine in NATO, while justifying my opposition by the fact that the two former Soviet republics have an unstable political situation. At the same time, Steinmeier stressed that Russia did not veto on NATO enlargement.

(Source: Rompres)